Mountain Lake Public School Board

Click Here for notice of the general election on Nov. 7, 2017 



School Board Members

Chad Pedersen, Chairperson Home Phone: 507-422-5947 cp(at)
Tom Fast, Vice Chairperson Home Phone: 678-2911 tf(at)
Julie Brugman, Clerk Home Phone: 427-2836 jb(at)
Pam Hoek, Treasurer Home Phone: 427-3336 ph(at)
Doug Standerwick, Director Home 507-381-2817 ds(at) 
Matt Gohr, Director Home Phone: 427-8941  mg(at)
Tim Swoboda, Director

 Home Phone: 427-2223







Building Committee

Tom Appel Phone: 507-822-2928 tappel(at)
Bryan Bargen Phone: 507-427-8889 bbuilder(at)
Jerry Haberman Phone: 507-427-2916 midway(at)
Cheri Hanson Phone: 507-427-3854  mrhanson(at)
Shawn Naas Phone: 507-427-2596 snaas(at)
Vern Peterson Phone: 507-427-3207 petersondrug(at)
Bruce Swanson Phone: 507-227-1318 7bswan(at)