Web Sites for Kids!

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Lots of Links:

All My Faves - (A list of sites for kids of all ages)

ALA Great Web Sites for Kids!

Preschool - 1st Grade:




Spin and Spell



Cookie.com - Games, Stories, Videos, Worksheets, Arts & Crafts

Sheppard Software Color Game - (Learn colors)

Kinderweb Educational Games

Sid the Science Kid

Computer Lab Favorites (Scholastic)

School Age (Grades K-6):


Digi Puzzle

Arthur Story Scramble (Sequencing)

Monkey Business (Put words in order to make a sentence)

Funology.com - (Crafts, games, recipes, jokes, magic tricks, science experiments)

Kideos - (Videos for kids)

Toon Books - Read 1-2 second grade level books, Make your own cartoons

Creating Music

Quackin' Rhythms (by Artsedge)

Sheppard Software's Kid's Corner - Animal games for all ages.

Slime Kids (Spelling, Typing, Vocabulary, and Grammar Games)

Games games.com

Learning Games for Kids - (Keyboarding, Health, Math, Preschool, Spelling, Alphabet, Animal, Geography, and Science games)

Spin and Spell

Computer Lab Favorites (Scholastic)

 - (ChessKid offers some free video lessons for first time chess players. Of course kids can play games on ChessKid. Games can be played alone or against other kids in the ChessKid network

Minnesota Zoo Games and Activities

Grammar Ninja - (Practice the parts of speech)

Novel Games
 - (Fun games for all ages)

ABCYa! - (Games organized by grades K-5)

FunBrain -  (Math, Reading, Arcade, Playground)

School Time Games
 - (Social studies, Language arts, Math, Science, Logic, Sports, Arcade, Puzzles)

Grammar Practice Park
 - (12 games for students in grades three, four, and five)

Fact Monster Games & Quizes

Scholastic The Stacks Games

PBS Kids Cyberchase

Mulitiplication Games

Dositey.com- (Games for grades K-8)

Just Jigsaw Puzzles.com

Jigsaw Puzzles

Fun4theBrain.com - (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Science, English, Just4Fun)

BrainPop Gameup