2009-10 Exchange Students

Irina Sidorova

Irina lives in Konstantinovka, Ukraine.  Irina's parents are Oksana & Andrey. She has a brother named Tgor. Her mom and dad have their own leather shop.  They sell mainly leather jackets.

Irina likes to hike, camp, psychology, ecology, and to spend time with friends.  Irina loves to go on vacations, anywhere is okay with her. 

Irina's host parents are Joyce & Dave Bucklin while in Mountain Lake. Nadya is her host sister.

She loves to eat pizza and cookies.

She has spent two weeks in Turkey on vacation. She also has spent a few days in Russia.

Irina commented  that in Ukraine, they have less fast food, especially in school.  "We can always choose healthy food whenever we eat out."

For entertainment in Ukraine, friends usually meet in the evening and spend time together to have fun.  You can see a lot of people in the streets or in the parks.  We usually do not have sports at school.  We play sports in special buildings.  We can take different kinds of sports and can play different instruments in a band. Students can take psychology, dancing, camping clubs, etc.

The school classes have 18 subjects (every day different). We cannot choose them.  In Ukraine, lessons are 45 minutes long and breaks are 10 and 15 minutes.  We attend all classes with the same group of people.

The weather is almost the same in my town, just a little warmer then here.

Other differences is the youth is getting together every evening and just spending time together doing fun things. Usually we just walk around in the streets or in the town's parks.

Dmitry Kahn

Town & Country:  Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia

Family:  My dad's name is Nikolai and my mom's name is Irina.  I have an older sister and her name is Inna who is 20 years old.  My mom is a pharmacist.  My dad is a director of a building company.

Hobbies:  Computers, especially repairing them.  Working with Music as a DJ in my native town.  Planning to do it here.  I also like photography.

Host Family:  Rick & Jan Herrig

Favorite Family Activity:  We like to play games in the evenings.

Favorite Food in Your Country:  Asian Food

Favorite Food in America:  Turkey Commercial

Travels:  I have visited Korea, Japan, and Turkey.


Clothing:  Clothes are about the same, but during school you can see many students in suits.

Food:  It's different from my country.  People in my country eat more meat and meals are bigger.

Entertainment:  Ways of entertainment are about the same but my city has more places to go.

Extra-curricular activities:  My school does not have any extra-curricular activities.

School:   I have mentioned that you have much more work. Our school system is very different from yours.  We have about 20 different classes, and every day we have different classes.

Weather:  Weather is the same.

Sports/Activities:  I would like to be in track, the spring play, and some other things.