2012-13 Exchange Students

Maryan Lopez

Town & Country:  Valencea, Venezuela

Family:  Lived with the Swoboda family in Mountain Lake

Hobbies:  Music

Travels:  Costa Rica, Aruba and EEUU

Goals:  My goals are that when I go back to Venezuela I want to go to the university and study Social Communications, Interior Design, and become a musician.


School and Activities:  We don't have Video Editing and Food Fab Food classes. Here is really different from here because most of the time we speak Spanish.

Foods:  We don't eat a lot of hamburgers or cereals in the morning. We eat arepas in the morning. Meals are more home-made.

Climate:  The climate here is really cold. We don't have snow in Venezuela, just sunny days and raining days.

Fashion:  In Venezuela, we use clothes that show more skin, because it is really hot there.


(Nickname Hide "Hee-day")

Town & Country:  Near Tokyo, Japan

Family:  My dad is an insurance salesman and my mother is a nurse. I have two older brothers.

Host Family: John and Mary Newton are my host parents. I also have an exchange brother Alex from Taiwan.

Hobbies:  Tap dancing; Tennis and the Japanese Tea Ceremony; Playing the electric organ (mainly jazz); Downhill skiing; Skateboarding; Watching movies

Travels:  I've been to Los Angeles

Goals:  To be fluent in English and eventually use it in a career.


School & Activities: In Japan, classes stay together and teacher moves from class to class and we wear uniforms.

Food:  Favorite Japanese food is sushi / Favorite American food is brownies

Climate:  Where I live it is warmer and more humid than Minnesota. It snows mostly in the mountains, but sometimes in Tokyo.

Fashion:  American styles are more casual. I prefer hip-hop style.

Other differences:  There are no taxes on food and clothing in Minnesota!

Miguel Stabak

Town & Country:  Caracas, Venezuela

Family:  Mom, Ivette, and Dad, Ricardo Munoz, and one brother, Ricardo.

Host Family: Deb and Frank Wallert, Lydia and Austin

Hobbies:  Play drums; Practice Motocross

Travels:  Quito, Ecuador, and traveled around Venezuela

Goals:  I want to be a commercial pilot.


School & Activities: The school in Venezuela was very small. This school is like 10 or 15 times bigger.

Food:  Typical Venezuelan food (empanada and arepa)

Climate:  It's a tropical area.

Fashion:  We wear uniforms.

Other differences:  It has a small cafeteria, too.