David Zajicek



Town & Country: Perstejn/Czech Republic

Family:  Brigita and Milan Zajicek, and 13 year old sister, Veronika

Host Family:  Tom and Marilyn Fast

Hobbies:  Saxophone, swimming, ski/snowboarding, reading, friends

School/Community Activities in America:   Attended many basketball games, went snowboarding with FFA.


School and Activities:  I get to school around 7:00 AM to prepare for the school day.  School starts at 8:15, and a class lasts 45 minutes.  The school day ends at 4:00 PM, then you can stay for extra classes or go to art school on the other side of town.  Art school covers arts, music, dance painting and acting.  I visit art school 3 times a week and get home about 7:00 PM. 

Home Country:  My village population is around 2,000.  My village is surrounded by mountains and forests.  Our cities are a mixture of different architecture with some buildings originating in the ninth century.  We have a lot of buildings from 13 to 14th centuries, then we have a massive amount of buildings with Communistic architecture - blocks of flats, office buildings, etc.  We have a lot of castles and palaces as well as churches.  Most churches are not in active use, they are tourist attractions, as the majority of Czechs are atheist.   

Where would you like to visit in the USA?:  Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Boston, San Francisco, New Orleans and Yellowstone.

How do you view America and/or it's citizens?:  People in Minnesota are really kind, religious hard working and honest.  Minnesota is beautiful.  As I come from Mountains to borderless flatland, it's really the kind of nature I haven't experienced before.  I love the sunrises and sunsets, nights full of stars and wonderful days full of sunshine.

 What are  your goals after graduation?  Both my parents are teachers, so I might be a teacher too.  I'm still deciding if I will go to a computer-themed school or for psychology, philosophy, maybe even literature.