Welcome to Science

Mrs. Banks


Contact information:

Phone- 507-427-2323 ext 166

Email: jbanks(at)mountainlake.k12.mn.us


Grading: school adopted grading in your handbook, late grades 70%, after a week 50%. This is better than a 0, always hand things in, late or not.


Cell phones/Other devices:

  • I shouldn’t see them. If I see them I will take them and bring them to the office, and you will pay to get them back..


What you need: Paper, something to write with (No peach, silver or other hard to read inks), and you textbook. EVERY DAY!


Food and beverages:

No food will ever be allowed in class and the only beverage that is allowed is water (plain, no carbonation)


Behavior: Will be dealt with on an individual basis.



  • Be respectful to each other and property.
  • Be on time, in your seats when the bell rings
  • Use common sense when asking for things



Most needed material can be found on the school website, under my name.