Mountain Lake Early Childhood Initiative



"To foster community connectedness and enhance birth – age 5 literacy, social and school readiness skills by building on current community assets."


The Mountain Lake Coalition was launched with a grant from the Southwest Initiative Foundation in January, 2006 as part of the Minnesota Early Childhood Initiative.  In partnership with the Southwest Initiative Foundation, the coalition is made up of community members from all generations and perspectives, focused and empowered to positively impact Mountain Lake’s youngest citizens – children birth to age 5.  

The ECI provides numerous programs and events and works with community and county agencies to help our preschool children get ready for kindergarten. Examples of our programming include: 

  • Community Baby Shower
  • Family Fun Fair at the Fire Station
  • Barnyard Party at the City Park
  • Mountain Lake Books 4 Kids (A home visit program)
  • Reading Programs
  • Pre-School Screening Bags
  • Book Bins at Local Businesses
  • Infant/Toddler Swings at Lawcon Park
  • Free Books for Children at Community Events
  • Scholarships to Preschool
  • Circus


The Mountain Lake ECI welcomes community members to attend.  If you would like to find out more about the Mountain Lake ECI, help with an event, or attend a meeting please contact:

Erin Hassebroek

Southwest Initiative Foundation